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14 June 2008 @ 04:49 pm
Writer's Block: Gender Bender  
Do you ever want to be of the opposite sex? If so, what attracts you to the idea? If not, what repels you?
 I've never had the desire to be a member of the opposite sex, though dudes get away with somethings that women do not.  I can see the benifit of being male, but it's a little late for me to be complaining about my gender identilty.  Men seem to have less standard to meet than women, and less transformations to make. They do not have to deal with menstration or pregnancy or avoiding pregnancy. The male role in society (even our modern society) is more appreciated than the womans role.  If anything I'd like to be more athletic and....well...male. The male body is perfection to me. A mans narrow hips are very appealing and well as the lack of breast; I can't imagine my body with out them. Strange. I'd enjoy having more male friends that female-some girls are bitches to get along with. Yep, being male would be great.
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