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21 June 2008 @ 01:17 am

I'm so tired. I worked two 8-6:30's in a row and I just got back from the hospital visiting my grandmother who just had a valve replacement surgery. Yep...busy busy busy. 

Besides it being 1:20 AM, I'm great. I ordered my first Bleach volumes yesterday, I haven't checked to see when they'll ship-but I'm excited. I got some extra cash the other day. When I refinanced my car with a new bank they gave me a $50 Visa Credit Card....how cool and thoughtful...I think I'll buy manga with it.

Guess what tomorrow is.....it's Saturday...which means......BLEACH EPISODE 69!!!!!! WHOOOOHOOO!!
Then I will start my official Bleach Rant the following Sunday morning 'cause I don't go to church.

Sleep time.

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