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20 October 2010 @ 02:20 am
Drabble: Telling and Not Telling  
Title: Telling and Not Telling
Author: ruyu
Word count: 100
Pairings/characters: John, Sherlock
Rating: PG
Warnings/genres: Unrequited Love
Summary/Author's notes: It's a slipper slope - telling and not telling.
A/N: Written for the slippery slope prompt @ holmes100

John’s always saying to Sherlock how his cases will eventually be the death of him and how this line of work is really too dangerous for one man (Sherlock scoffs and says, “But that’s why I have you...”) and that John can’t watch him do this much longer.

What John doesn’t say is that Sherlock takes his breath away, leaving him awestruck, lovesick and dreadfully longing. He loves how Sherlock never lets him realize his own helplessness because he’s there, ahead of him, leading the way.

It’s a slippery slope - telling and not telling.

“But that’s why I have you...”