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10 November 2010 @ 07:12 pm
A Night Train, Midnight  
I've got lots to do tonight: buying matte board, going to lab to print, coming home and assembling them and then practicing my presentation. Also, I've got to finish two more lion illustration (they won't be as complex as this last one - maybe) and design three t-shirts. I'm thinking of doing two simple bands shirts and then one tour date promotion shirts. We'll see what my professor thinks since we're having a mini-critique of the project after our meeting with the big-guns from the business college. Right now I just gonna eat my chicken and broccoli and then munch on my tasty eggroll. Chinese is a good way to start the night. XD

I finished Mr. Lion! Here's a deviation with all my process shot (that I remembered to take), if you're interested in how it turned out.

Lion Process
by *Ruyu-san on deviantART

Cheers everyone!