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26 November 2010 @ 12:08 pm
Hope all my American friends had a Happy Thanksgiving. If your in my position, then you'll be dining on leftovers shortly. XD My father fried one turkey and smoked another this year. They were both delicious! I made my oatmeal cookies wednesday night, I'm baking the other half of the dough I made right now. Ever since we bought our new stove the cookies have turned out really well.

I'm avoiding the news (not that I don't avoid it anyway), I really don't want to see the reports of Black Friday shopping craziness. I've never been and I don't think I ever will - I'm just not that kind of persons and you really have to be to do that kind of shopping. Ugh. Plus I'm not getting up at 3AM for anything.

Today is the Iron Bowl if you don't already know. Us here in Alabama take it very seriously. It's the most famous and intense rivalry in college football. I'm an Alabama fan, the whole family is, hell the whole neighborhood is, save from the people on the corner - but we're all friends. We're heading to in the in-laws house (they live next door to us) to watch the game. I'm really not sure how this game will turn out - Auburn has been doing well this year. It's just nice coming together to watch the game, it's tradition.

The semester is nearly over - only two more weeks and I'll be out for the holidays. My final painting is going to be awesome. I'm painting a woman screaming terror, clawing at her face with bee's escaping from her mouth. It's totally creepy and cool. I love it and my professor seems to like it as well.

This year has been... difficult is some ways, emotionally stressful really. I'm ready for 2011, maybe it'll be better.

⇒3 Turns Around: House: Somehow I don't believe youdiscedes on November 27th, 2010 06:28 am (UTC)
Aaargh Black Friday, I'm somewhat claustrophobic and crowds scare me to some degree so no matter how much the sales are, it'll be pretty hard to convince me to go.

And ooh I learned something new! Sometimes I wish our colleges/unis made a larger deal with sports because the feeling of comraderie and stuff seems fun buuuuut :D And sorta can't wait for the new year!~