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07 July 2008 @ 06:46 pm
Ode to my Livejournal Theme/ Bleach Episode 71 Rant/ Writer Worship  
I realized that I really really like my theme on livejournal. I was looking for other themes that I liked and when I changed it I hated it. The green is my perfect color and the buildings and telephone posts are perfect highlight colors. I just think the colors represent me.  Yeah.

That's all I had to say.


 I do have more.

I was too tired the other day to write a rant and my internet was too fucked up to post. 

Ishida is too damn stubborn for his own good. I guess that's just his character and I find it annoying. I am loosing interest in the Bount arc. I just recently discovered the term "arc" and its relation with the Bleach series. I didn't know (because I had not been reading the manga, which I now have) that the aired series was not the same arc as the manga. I feel kinda stupid now, but it was pretty confusing when I first came across this stuff. I am now also aware that Bleach Portal has downloadable files for the episodes past the ones currently aired on Adult Swim and I'm catching up on those. I had no idea there was so much Bleach material!  Tite Kubo is an amazing graphic artist and apparently a busy man! The sheer amount of material is mindblowing. Between the Movies, Manga, and Episodes I will be kept busy for the rest of my summer.

 I am a HP fan. Seriously. I was hooked it for around 4-5 year. As much as I like it, my obssesion for it is paled in comparison to Bleach fiction and art. I was surpised to find that after my first Bleach fic I haven't read another HP fic in over a month....with no withdawls. I'm amazed! 

So this is a tri-post in way. My love of my journal theme....my Bleach rant....and another pathetic worship of Bleach fiction writers and artist. 

I only wish I could write like some of the authors I've come across and draw like Tite Kubo. I only wish. Sigh.
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