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08 August 2011 @ 10:42 am
Writer's Block: Growing pains  
What was the biggest lesson learned from your adolescence?

It began when me and Jamie (my twin sister) where about 8-9 and we really started to change. She stayed petite and her hair became a darker brown and I grew taller and my hair remained the same as my mothers. I didn't realize that I had wanted us to remain the same, as far as looks were concerned, because she obviously got the better deal.

After that, it's like I was marked. Since then I had always felt aware of own presence in crowds and other groups of kids. Firstly, I was taller than most girls and boys my age and I was horribly shy of anyone I didn't know or know very well. I just felt different and I hoped that it would go away.

But 15 years later, here I am and I still feel exactly the same. More adjusted, yeah, but still having difficulty placing myself in any group of people and viewing my own existence from the outside of myself.