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01 September 2011 @ 08:39 am
I often have dreams where I am with a group of people, traveling and whatnot, but I never have enough clothes. Sort of like I never have the right outfit for the occasion. I get so frustrated in my dreams because I'm just never prepared and I can never find what I need.

So yeah, had on of these dreams last night. I'm with a few of my college buddies and some kids from my high school marching band (they're in my dream ALOT) and we're moving from place to place in a Greyhound. Then suddenly we take a trip to the mall, like the teenage dorks we are. Then a guy randomly walks up to me with his buddy and says, "Like this." He then grabs me by the wrist and pulls into the Chick-fil-a and lays one on me.

It was the most disgusting dream kiss I've ever had. Just... ew. It was bad.

Stupid dreams are stoopid.