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12 May 2012 @ 09:27 pm
Maybe Fic for common law  
This is just me messing around, guys. I'll format this later since my iPod won't let me.

Maybe they were at each others throats all the time and maybe Travis held less regard for Wes' vehicles than he did the state of Wes' failed attempts to move on after his divorce, but they were working things out - in their own way.

Travis was a bit lost when Wes first met him. He seemed so eager to meet people and be that guy everyone liked, but Wes could see that as often as Travis made friends, he just as easily lost them. The man moved from one friend to the next and from woman to woman, never wanting to feel alone for any amount of time. Wes got it. That need to be wanted and in control. But Travis was reckless and unstable because there was no solid foundation for him to build from; no one to back him up and support him.

When they first met, Wes was confused. He was angry and guilty and nothing made sense anymore, especially this crazy cop who broke all the rules but was still great at what he did. Wes himself had never broken a rule in his life and look where that had gotten him.

Travis had called him an amaetur at the shooting competition, and maybe he was, but he wasn't lying when he said he'd won it. He shot the smirk right off Travis's face and it finally felt like he'd done somehing right.

They'd shared a few beers afterwards and Travis told him about joining the force; crime unit, homicide. Wes told him about about quitting his firm and joining the academy because he didn't want to be helpless. He wanted to be the one to catch the criminals instead of the guy defending or persecuting them. He needed to see the look in their eyes as he arrested them; wanted control were he had none before.

It was nice to find out Travis wanted the same thing.

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