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23 January 2016 @ 11:13 pm
How the hell did it get to be 2016?  
I'm a bit nervous because my 10 year high school reunion is this summer. I am not prepared to go, or see these people. I would only go to see certain people and end up awkwardly talking to people that were not my friends in school. My sister is going to force me to go, I can feel it. Noooo. On the other hand, we buried a time capsule in one of our friends back yard and we get to dig it up this year. I think I put our Junior and Senior Prom invites in it, but I also think someone put in a toothpick that almost killed them during one of our dinners senior year. It was chicken cordon bleu and he left the toothpick in the damn thing... lol. Good times.

Time is flying by like crazy. The little mental calendar I have is never accurate because I tell myself something wasn't that long ago and then I find out it was YEARS ago. Ugh. The mechanism in my brain that is supposed to keep up with that has always been out of wack.

And now, because I love the keep track of my fandom escapades, my new OTP's and unrealistic ships that have killed me. Firstly, I am complete Spirk trash, but only for AOS, original stuff throws me way off, although I've read some of the classics from the bygone era of print publications. I ship McKirk on the side, because Karl Urban as Bones, like, does it for me (don't make me explain, this fics are worth it).

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. reboot owned my soul for a few weeks there. Army Hammer is the cutest puppy to ever puppy on this planet. Napoleon Solo/Illya Kuryakin is one of the oddest name combo's I've seen in a while.

Sterek is like the ship that sails in a circle for me. I've only seen the first 2 seasons of Teen Wolf, so I don't consider it a major OTP, but dear lord there are some AMAZING fics for this ship out there. Bless you writers.

I never had a ship with the LOTR fandom, I wasn't in fandom at the time, but I was for the Hobbit so.... I ship Durincest, of the Fili/Kili variety and some Bilbo/Thorin, just a bit. I think I like Fili/Kili so much is that it's so different from Wincest. The fanfic writers come up with such different and brilliant reasons for them to become lovers. It's horribly angsty and I love it.

And last, but not least, The Musketeers - because the casting on that show is awesome. Porthos, Athos and Aramis are probably one of my only OT3 pairings. Please ask me for rec's if you feel the need to explore this fandom. It's fabulous and historical and so romantic I can't stand it. I own the second season, but haven't finished watching it. I will be caught up by the time the third season airs on BBC America.

I haven't written a post this long in.... probably never. I miss fangirling on LJ. It's seems more legit here anyway.

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unsettledinkunsettledink on January 27th, 2016 08:38 am (UTC)

Long time no see. :) (I did get your pm btw I just am terrible about replying to things.)

You just made me realize it'll be ten years since I graduated high school this year too arrrrrrrrrg oh god time for the shame spiral about WHAT have I DONE WITH MY LIFE NOTHING.

Well thanks for that.

Although yes, I realized a few days ago that the whole Sherlock Holmes thing was … seven years ago. What. How. HOW.

I enjoyed the Man From UNCLE reboot, had some urges for fic but it never really turned into anything. I think I didn't know anyone who has seen it and liked it, so it was a vacuum. And Sterek, sigh. It's such a strange little ship, isn't it? (Don't watch more than the first two seasons, btw. There are a few interesting things that happen after regarding those characters, but for the most part it's not worth it.) Ahhhh, I was all over LotR, but not into the Hobbit fandom until two weeks ago when BotFA killed me dead. Fili/Kili is cute, but I am more invested in Bilbo/Thorin in all its doom laden options.

I have not tried the newer Musketeers – I’ve heard conflicting things about it, and am so invested in a certain other version that I don't know if that would put me off.

I miss so much about lj. It's nice to see someone else again!
Ruyuruyu on January 28th, 2016 03:41 am (UTC)
I've decided to make an LJ comeback. One of the main reasons being I finally got a new laptop. I like the mobile version on LJ, but I hate typing longer than two sentences on my phone. Secondly, Tumblr can go fuck itself. (but I'll keep scrolling 'till I die) Worst thing to happen to LJ was the big Tumblr migration, but nothing good has come out of that. It feel so impersonal to me, I'm ready to come back.

I have a large packer envelope full of mail and goodies from my old LJ friends - I still have the post card you sent me with a little Hani/ Roger drabble on it and some Christmas cards. I miss getting and doing that kind of stuff for people. I'm just lonely and I miss this place and what happened here. (I'm such a sap - it's literally a website I'm getting mushy over)

What did/do you ship for LotR? Just curious. Most of the LotR graphics I like aren't for ships, just aesthetics. Bilbo/Thorin is awesome. I always find it funny how writers alway try to slip them into other pairing stores, like - the main ship is shipping along, but then Bilbo and Thorin are in the background being stupidly in love.

What Musketeers version do you like? I think the only other one I've seen is the one with Chris O'Donnell/Keifer Sutherland.

T.M.F.Uncle fandom is crazy. You've got reboot people gushing over the GAYNESS in the Richie film (COME ON IT'S A RICHE FILM) and the original series fans are all going "Have you even seen the series - *points out how long this ship has been sailing*. So the tags for the movie always clash with the original series tags. I waited long enough after the film came out to start searching for fics and by that time there was some AMAZING fics out there. I was spoiled from the beginning. Eh, i'm over it now. (but damn, Armie Hammer )

Seriously though - reply, don't reply. Take a month to think up a one sentence answer to my paragraph of mumbling - it's all cool. I do the same thing. I have at least three people on my phone I can't text now because I never answered their last text. It gives me anxiety. Ugh.

Thank you for replying though, you didn't have too, but I'm glad you did! <3

Edited at 2016-01-28 03:42 am (UTC)