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25 July 2008 @ 11:12 pm
A breath of fresh air...  
Wow...this week was unbelievably busy. I'm soaking up new music for my next songfic...my ears are begginning to hurt. Now that the weekend is here I will start the first draft of my fic for hollow_love101...I hope I have enough brain power to actually write it. I just have to get into the MOOD! Guess what...I'm actually trying to draw fanart...it doesn't look have bad either. I'll be taking Figure Drawing II when college starts back up on the 18 of August, maybe I'll get better. It's hard to draw a body without a *body* to look at...I miss the model from my last class. 

I have to set a deadline for myself or I'll never get it done. So, Ruyu, this must be done by...July 30...now just write the damn thing!

Current Mood: determineddetermined