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10 January 2014 @ 04:12 pm
And This Is Where You Start  
Welcome to my journal. If you've come this far, maybe you're willing to go a bit further.

I have an open friending policy. I generally friend everyone back. This journal is not friends locked, and my writing is never locked and can be viewed by anyone.


Hawaii Five-0

Decor and Submerged Vehicles - 592 words, Steve McGarrett/Danny "Danno" Williams, General, Complete. “Steven…” Danny began with a shake of his head, and how did one even begin to explain the pleasantries that other normal humans appreciated while in a honeymoon suite. “A fireplace is considered romantic and seductive to the casual observer, do not think that it needs to serve some tactical purpose besides helping people get laid.”

Go Back to Where You Felt Safe - 1129 words, Steve McGarrett/Danny "Danno" Williams, General, Complete. Follow up to Episode 3x10 - Huaka'I Kula (aka: the one with the girl scouts and totally not-boyfriend touching). "I told you to take care of her, and you did."

Love Is Good Hurt - 1255 words, Steve McGarrett/Danny "Danno" Williams, General, Complete. Steve isn’t sure how it works, only that it does - this thing between Danny and himself. Slightly upset Danny in this, but Steve can fix it. This is my hastily written gift fic for my Tumblr Secret Santa. She has been the most awesome Secret Santa ever and I hope she enjoys this, even if it's incoherent and too fluffy to be in-character. Also un-betad.

BBC Sherlock

Close Your Eyes - One-shot, 506 words, Sherlock/John, PG-13, Complete, (warning: spoilers for episode 2). This GIF from the second episode of BBC Sherlock. It was begging to be written. Available in Russian: Закрой глаза on A03 by the lovely Rainy_Elliot

Play for Me Tonight - Solo!John and John/Sherlock, 2 Chapters, 2700 words, NC-17, complete, This prompt from sherlockbbc_fic . Original Prompt: John sat all alone in his bedroom, jerking off to the sound of Sherlock playing the violin. Bonus points if it turns out Sherlock was playing whilst thinking about John.

A Sleeping Sherlock - John, Sleepy!Sherlock, 890 words, PG, one-shot, John recounts the first time Sherlock falls alseep on him.

The Missing Jumper - John/Sherlock, 1113 words, PG, fluff of sorts, one-shot, This comic by paperflower86 , John begins the search for his missing striped jumper. Wherever could it be?

Yellow Isn't Your Color - Sherlock, John, 968 words, PG-13, one-shot, slight crack!fic. Sherlock snoops and finds a rather embarrassing photo of John from his younger years - a complete fashion disaster but strangely sexy. Written in like.. an hour. Forgive me and the mistakes. Speed written for THIS post. Requested by deicidalriddle and (somewhat requested by) madrona_8 .

An Autumn Sort of Man - John/Sherlock, Fluff, PG-13. Sherlock decided that John was an autumn sort of man. He was the season personified, stuck into the body of small, medically trained, loyal, tea drinking, military doctor named John Watson. Available in Russian: Осенний тип людей on A03 by the lovely Rainy_Elliot

Cold Sheets - John/Sherlock, Fluff, Pre-slash, PG-13. Each day as the sun goes down, John’s body is already responding to the lack of sunlight and the hunger signals the stress of the day that has worn down his body. Sherlock is just jealous.

I Turn My Camera On - John/Sherlock, Rated R Sherlock, John and a camera. Post Coital Photography going on.

In Dreams John/Sherlock, Rated PG-13, WC 1277 Sherlock has seen John in his dreams. He’s on the other side the street, watching, desperate to cross; in another dream they're in separate cabs and their eyes inevitably meet as they pass, John's eyes sad and longing.

The Man Makes The Dress - INCOMPLETE - 2/4 - John/Sherlock, NC-1 A dress. Two men. And one of them is in it. Plus a dastardly zipper. Fo madrona_8

The Reaper - WC: 201,  PG “You’re not a hunter, Sherlock - you’re the Reaper.”

A Silent Withdrawl - John/Sherlock, Angst, Depression, Mentions of abduction, It took another life-threatening situation for John to face the facts: Sherlock Holmes was not going to change for him holmestice nbsp;2010 Entry.

Crazy Heat Love Heat wave!fic. John’s breaking point has been building with the heat wave. The rising degrees have slowly stripped away any inhibitions he’s had about approaching Sherlock and just fucking saying what needs to be said holmestice 011 Entry.

holmes100 Drabble Fills:
Prompt: Half-Remembered Dreams | Forever Bound and Seeking
Prompt: Half-Buried Keyboard | Brilliant Five Times
Prompt: Slippery Slope | Telling and Not Telling
Prompt: "We are each our own devil..." | The Worst Kind of Agony
Prompt: New Direction | None So Brightly

100_tales | Sherlock Prompt Table

Color[less] Bar: John/Sherlock is NEVER BORING Love. Available in multiple sizes at Sherlock BBC on Dreamwidth.

Coming, John?
John Sketch

☎ Franklin & Bash

Makings of A Decent Man - After twenty-five plus years of hardcore friendship, Peter had felt heavy with it, warm and comfortable with the knowledge that there were few things in life that were as secure as Jared Franklin by his side. X-Posted t franklin_bash

Prove It - Damien/Peter/Jared, R, WC: 609, Prompt(s): Jared's the center of attention, Peter and Damien fight over him. In bed. X-posted to Kink Meme an franklin_bash nbsp;

Scars - Jared/Peter, PG -13, mentions of child abuse, Prompt: The reason we haven't seen much of naked/shirtless Jared is because he has scars. From what, filler can choose. Maybe whenever his dad lost a case he got drunk and beat him, maybe from bar fights, etc. For the Franklin & Bash Kink Meme.

Let Me Come Down - Jared/Peter, PG-13, WC: 450, Fluff After work, Peter helps Jared relax and to point out a small problem that needs to be corrected


Just The Music: Songfic Series - 4 Chapters, 12000 words, Ichigo/Hichigo, NC-17, Complete. Ichigo and Hichigo learn how to listen to the music and maybe how to listen to each other.

Salvation in Technicolor - One-shot, 1250 words, Ichigo/Hichigo, PG, AU, Complete. The crowd inches you closer together. You want to push through the people that stand between you to get to him, your salvation in Technicolor.

You Are My Sunshine - 11/? Chapters, 22k+ words, Ichigo/Hichigo, PG (may increase for later chapters), AU, WIP. An AU story in which Ichigo works at the local hospital and comes across a coma patient that seems to be his twin. Who is this man and how did he get in a coma?

The Grab Series - (ON HIATUS) 7/? Chapters, 15500+ words, Ichigo/Grimmjow, NC-17, WIP. I did not come to kill Ichigo." Grimmjow's love, and desire burn iside him as he risks his life to protect the one he loves. What will happen next?

Weathering the Storm - One-shot, 2600 words, Ichigo/Grimmjow, AU, Complete. Ichigo and Grimmjow weather out the storm together.

Apple Cider - Holiday One-shot, 1200 words, Ichigo/Grimmjow, PG. Ichigo cupped the white, red and green polka dot mug between his hands, softly blowing over the rim to cool the hot beverage.

Practice - 6 Chapters, 11300+ words, Renji/Ichigo, Ishida/Orihime, NC-17, (warnings for het romance and unrequited love) . Ichigo learns what it's like to be in a relationship and Renji gladly helps. Ishida and Orihime also learn what it's like to live and love.

I've Got You, Baby - One-shot, Community Birthday Fic, 269 words, Hard R "I've got you, baby," Ganjyu assured him, helping to move his body in a mind-numbing rhythm. Hanatarou could only whimper and reply, "I know...I know."

 Bleach Multi-Character Drabbles : Drabble Post 1 | Drabble Post 2 | Drabble Post 3

Other Fandoms

This Will Never Get Old - [Fandom: Ocean's 11] Danny, Rusty, PG. Danny would like to think that Rusty trusts him, even when it’s as simple as being led through Vegas, but then Rusty could probably navigate The Strip with his eyes closed.

More Than You Realize - [Fandom: Boondock Saints] Connor/Murphy, PG-13 (will increase in later chapters) Incest, violence, Connor doesn't know where his brother goes on those lonely nights. This unspoken love just might kill them both.