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22 September 2008 @ 11:04 pm
RenIchi Drabbles...  
I did these a few weeks ago...and forgot about them. So, F-list, you get to look at them as I wont be posting these anywhere else.

I saw this prompt on someone’s lj and it sounded pretty fun. You put your iPod or whatever on shuffle and listen to X amount of songs. You have the length of each song to write a small drabble about your chosen pairing based on the song; either the lyrics or sound can influence it. So...I thought I’d give it a try.
Song 1:
Morning Glory-Oasis
The sun peaked over the horizon as the chill from the night vanished. He stuck his head from the sleeping bag and breathed the fresh air, enjoying the escape the camping trip gave him. A rumble came from inside the tent and he turned around to great his companion. Renji’s hair was crooked and as usual completely undone from his tie. Ichigo’s chest ached for him. Just being with him, away from his friends, was great. No question, no strange looks. He needed this getaway just as much has Renji had. Ichigo crawled back into the tent and wrapped his body around Renji’s. Waking up with him in his arms was best thing he could have ever asked for. The rest of the world could kiss his ass...Renji was his world now.
Song 2:
Bad Blood-Ministry
The music was making his brain vibrate and his eyes felt sore from all the lights and smog. Everything was moving and blurry, but not because he’d been drinking. His boyfriend was currently hiding in the club....they’d had a fight and this was where he usually ran to get away from Ichigo. He spotted him across the dance floor....talking to another man. Said man had his arm wrapped tightly around Renji’s waist. Ichigo’s blood boiled....and he felt himself press more quickly through the sea of bodies. He was.....furious. Suddenly, Ichigo saw Renji jerk away from the man and give him one hell of punch...the man fell unceremoniously to the floor. Renji turned to walk away...and looked straight at Ichigo...his eyes growing wide. Ichigo could help but give him a desperate look and hold his hand out to him. A tearful look past over Renji face before he quickly walked into his arms. Ichigo didn’t let go of him for the rest of the night as they danced together, occasionally getting ice for Renji’s fist.
Song 3:
Primitive-Ambulance Ltd.
Ichigo threw another piece of popcorn into Renji’s hair from behind. The redhead hadn’t quite realized what Ichigo was doing. Another piece stuck to the man’s crimson hair and Ichigo couldn’t help but giggle. Just as he was about to throw another piece, Renji quickly turned around and grabbed his hand. Ichigo quickly halted his giggle and attempted to give Renji and apologetic grin, but his laughter won out. Renji growled and pushed him completely on his back, straddling his waist and picking up the popcorn bowl. The bowl was held over his head and Renji gave him a smirk of epic proportions.
“Wait...please...wait!” Ichigo said between giggles.
“Or what?” Renji said.
“I’ll do anything!” Ichigo begged.
 “What about this?” Renji said as he lowered his mouth to his and paused. He then pulled away and dumped the popcorn on his face.....then kissed him anyway. Renji tasted good with butter and salt.

Edit...I'm gonna have to start manually entering the lj-cut in HTML from now on...the automatic one in Rich Text is fucked up. But yeah...fixed.

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Akuniakuni on October 24th, 2008 02:00 am (UTC)
Ohhhh these are cute and full of fluffy and WAFFy fun. :)

LJ cuts are fucked up all even in HTML. :( They're being very finicky!
Ruyuruyu on October 24th, 2008 03:04 am (UTC)
Lol. I forgot about these...again.

Yeah...I've gotten used to lj-cuts screwing up...I'm almost a pro with the html stuff.