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24 September 2008 @ 11:14 pm
I'm really trying!  
I've got 1,000 WC written for the next chapter of my fic...I'm feeling all accomplished and what not. So, I'm thinking I'll have it out by the weekend or the beginning of next week. (Yes...this sounds retarded...but I like to reassure myself.)

It's odd - when I'm doing well with my writing - I'm sucking at school. I'm thankful I don't have lots of homework. I dont' have any for my Figure Drawing class except doing sketches in my sketchbook that she checks periodically...my painting class is easy, whatever you don't finish in class can be done out of class (I have a key to the room and I never use it 'cause I paint so fast and get it done in class). My Desktop Publishing class and Typography class are probably the most time consuming. You are expected to come back during lab hours and work on your project on the Mac computers with the appropriate programs (Adobe CS3 Suite).  It's not that difficult...I'm just lazy. Lol.
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