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30 November 2008 @ 11:03 pm
Twilight Rant  
I just finished my second viewing of Twilight based on the bestselling book by Stephenie Meyer.

I felt compelled not to laugh my ass off when I first saw it, if only to show some respect to my fellow movie-goers. The music was excellent, I really need to buy the soundtrack, I started singing in the middle of the movie when Collective Soul came on *is proud*. The theater was almost empty this time, which is how I prefer to watch my movies, and I could openly giggle and snort at the actors on screen. My favorite actor in the movie was Charlie Swan, played by Billy Burke - he was excellent, perfect for Police Chief Swan.

I loath Kristen Stewart. I just don't like her as an actor. She didn't get into character enough, she just played herself, not Bella. When she got upset or mad she didn't communicate her lines very well; stuttering and shaking her head all the time was getting annoying. The narration throughout the movie was unnecessary and stupid. I realize that in the book it is Bella's perspective, but we don't need to hear it in the movie, we want to see it. And if you can't show it then don't worry about it. The most important part of the book was Bella and Edwards relationship and the development of it - I didn't feel that in the movie and I was thoroughly disappointed.

Kudos to Robert Pattison for having to work with Kristen Stewart (I hope he didn't really fall in love with her). He was wickedly sparkly and I felt like he fell into a barrel of glitter - all in all, Sparkly!Edward = not cool in reality. He was hot, I'll give him that. Dear God what I would give to kiss him one time...one time. He sings as well, and he's good, like Jonny Lang good.*sigh* Kristen Stewart was hot as well - but not a good actor. Rosalie was bitch, I expected no less from her, good job. Have you seen what she looks like normally, she' even hotter(I'm straight btw, but I know when a female is hot). Emmett was complete fail...complete. No excuses. Period. Jasper was win. He's so funny without even trying, he really did look like he was in pain. Alice, and Esme...no comment, I'll decide whether I like them in the next movie. Carlisle Cullen played by Peter Facinelli was ok...he didn't draw attention to his character or suck it completely up, which is how I pictured Carlisle to be.

Everyone says that I am overly critical due to the fact that I'd already read the book, which may or may not be true. If you didn't read the books then what the hell were you doing watching the movie in the first place, eh? My problems were with the acting, namely, the young actors; not the directing or the shooting. They say, "Well how would you have done it?" I'm really not quite sure how I would have done it, but I do know I would cast a different Bella. Hmph.
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