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07 December 2008 @ 04:13 pm
Original Fiction - While in the city  
This is the original fiction I am currently working. Two chapters so far...nothing epic.

Title: While in The City
Author: ruyu
Pairing: Original Characters
Rating: Eventual NC-17
Warnings: Mentions of prostitution
Summary: Even if you've lived in the city your whole life - there's always something new to discover.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to me. If you wanna use them, ask me.

The November rain made the nights more bearable somehow. The constant tap of water against the window of his office caused a numbing effect on his mind - all else faded away. As the clock approached nine o’clock at night, Patrick Oakland began to shut down his computer, saving the appropriate documents and closing the numerous books that were strewn across his desk.

As a Graphic Designer, his various works covered the wall and gave the office an array of color and randomness. The streetlight on the corner cast a strange shadow against the walls of his office, muting the colors on the walls to a pale green. He grabbed his raincoat from the back of his chair and headed toward the elevator, his finger unconsciously reaching for the lobby button.

He made his way across the colorless lobby and out the large glass doors into the light drizzle of the night. His head fell back and allowed the cool mist fall against his face. He felt the rain gather on his cheeks and slowly slide down his face and along the curve down his jaw line.

The rain was the only thing that had caressed him lately; the only thing that didn’t seem to care what happened in his life or what he’d done during the day. The rain was constant, unwavering, and indifferent as to whom he was. If the rain had lips he’d kiss them and thank it for misting across his stressful brow, which relaxed under the soothing drizzle.

The sidewalks and gutters glistened with a new coat of rain as he expertly dodged puddles that formed in the deteriorating pavement of the old city. The distant hum of traffic from the Interstate and patter of rain silenced his footsteps and once again hypnotized him: the familiar motions and sounds pulling him through the streets, leading him home.

Patrick sighed in disappointment, wishing he could look beside him and find a person who would walk with him through the city - someone he could hold an umbrella for as they pressed closely against his chest. He tugged his coat tighter around his thin body and walked faster in his frustration. This city was so lonely - he was so lonely.

He fumbled with his keys at the door to his apartment building, pulling his hood back to better see the silver and gold keys on his keychain, soaking his hair in the gulf-scented rain. The door swung smoothly open and thumped against the wall as he made his way inside, shaking his head to removed the dripping water in his eyes.

“Oh!” A cry came from beside him. He turned to find a man wiping his face. He’d apparently flung tiny droplets of water across his face.

“I…I’m sorry. Forgive me! I didn’t see you standing there.” Patrick stuttered, holding his hands up in apology.

“No, it’s fine. I just wasn’t expecting you to do that.” The man said with humor, using the cuff of his coat to finish collecting the rain from his face. When he pulled down his sleeve Patrick’s breathe completely left his body.

The man was incredibly handsome…and covers in small bruises. His pale lips were split and swollen and his left eyebrow was cut. Small finger-size marks marred his jaw line and continued down his smooth throat. Patrick cringed at the thought of how far they went inside his shirt.

Jesus, what had happened to him? Who would do that to such a beautiful man?
The man looked uncomfortable, ducking his head to avoid further scrutiny, cheeks blushing in embarrassment.

“Are you alright?” Patrick asked with hesitation.

“Yes, of course. It’s not as bad as it looks, I promise.” He quickly clarified, brushing a delicate hand through his damp, honey blond hair.

Patrick didn’t believe him.

“Are you waiting on someone?” he continued, curious as to why he waiting in the apartment complex. The building was extremely secluded and quiet compared to other apartments he had previously rented. He chose this one because of its privacy and location. The entrance was discrete and not easily noticed…he wondered how the man had found it at all.

“Yes, I am. I was told to meet him outside, but it started raining and someone let me in earlier. You’re only the second person that I’ve seen tonight.” The blond informed him.

“Can ask what your name is?” Patrick inquired.

“I don’t think…” He began, only to be interrupted by a loud, thunderous boom. Patrick looked behind him through the half open door that he had forgotten to close and watched as the rain began to fall harder. The water flowed faster into the drains, swishing and gurgling as it fell into the sewers of the city.

“Umm…I don’t mean to sound forward. But you are welcome to wait in my apartment until the rain slacks off? You can say ‘no’, I ‘d understand.” Patrick offered with a friendly smile.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, sir.” He said with a frown, shying away from Patrick.

“That’s alright. I hope you have a good night.” He said with a smile plastered on his face, but feeling suddenly wary of leaving him alone in the building.

Patrick headed up the stairs without a backward glance, his chest aching for the stranger in the lobby. As he reached the flight of stairs that led to the third floor, he stopped in his tracks. The voice was unmistakable as it echoed from the stairwell - a harsh thud sent vibrations through the handrail of the stairway.

A tall form rounded the corner of the stairs and stood in front of Patrick, casting a large shadow over his body.

“Well, hello there.”The man said with a sly grin, his wiry mustache covering his top teeth. “Isn’t it past your bedtime, Patrick?”

“No…I’m coming home from work. Late night and all…” Patrick said without a second thought, performing the familiar movement of squeezing past the large, imposing man.
“Hey, Patty, did you happen to see anyone downstairs?”

The handrail of the stairs whined as Patrick’s fist curled around it tightly. This was who the stranger was meeting. Don Black of the third floor; molester of unsuspecting neighbors and local pervert to the apartment - was about to go downstairs and pick up the man from the lobby.

Patrick’s blood boiled.

For all he knew….Don was the man who had hurt him.

“I’m sorry. That man left about 5 minutes ago. He said he was meeting someone but didn’t know their name.” Patrick quickly supplied. “He said he couldn’t wait any longer due to the weather and left.”

A sour look past over the larger man’s face, fists curing in anger. “Fucking….no good…brat,” he muttered under his breath.'

Patrick simply smiled, pressing against the wall to let the man walk back up the stairs. With quick look around the corner to ensure Mr. Black was gone, Patrick made his way back down to the lobby.

He was just as beautiful as when he’d left him. His blond hair had dried and curled, framing his perfect face. His unearthly blue eyes rose to meet his own as he made his way down the last few steps.

“Hi…umm…did you need something?” The blond asked.

“Yeah, I do. What’s your name and who were you waiting on?”

“I really don’t think that’s any of your business.”

“I’m going to guess and say his name was Don Black.” Patrick said with satisfaction as the man’s eyes grew large. “And I think I can guess why you were meeting him.”

The nameless man grew red and quickly turned to the door in a panicked gesture. Patrick quickly seized him by the coat and stopped him before he reached the door.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you. But this building isn’t safe for you to just wait around in and it’s raining too hard for you to leave. Please wait in my apartment – I won’t hurt you, just wait ‘till the rain stops.”


“Come on…at least come inside and finish drying off. I’ll put some coffee on and we can talk…or not.”

The blond looked confused as he turned from the door to look at Patrick.“My name is Todd…and I don’t drink coffee.”

Patrick simply smiled,“I’ve got hot chocolate.”

Part II

The apartment was dark as they entered. Streetlights shone through the glass and streaked the walls in drizzling patterns of water. Todd waited patiently at the door as the other man stepped smoothly inside to flick the lights on and hang up his soggy coat. He made a straight path to what Todd assumed was the kitchen area.

The man had many photographs and paintings on his blood red walls, and his mismatched furniture gave the room a comfortable atmosphere, making Todd want sink into the deep, green cushions of the couches.

Todd counted four, maybe five computers in the main room alone. Papers were stacked in impossibly large piles along the walls; overstuffed portfolio cases were crammed behind the sofa. Todd walked further into the room and immediately decided that he liked the apartment.

“By the way, my name is Patrick, Patrick Oakland. Please, have a seat. I apologize for the mess. I really don’t have any storage space.” A voice floated from the kitchen. “Marshmallows, Todd?”

“Yes, please.”

Not everyone was out to molest him, he told himself as he pulled his coat tighter around his body, lifting the collar in a nervous gesture. Many men had seemed friendly enough and ended up doing the opposite of what Todd expected of them. They hurt him and used him – like so many others had. The aroma of chocolate filled the apartment and Todd turned to see the man carrying two mismatched mugs into the main room, a bag of marshmallows carefully cradled beneath his arm. Todd couldn’t help but grin at him.

After maneuvering some papers and books from the occupied coffee table, they managed to find a spot to place the mugs and marshmallows. Todd couldn’t help but to relax as he settled into the couch, lifting his mug to breathe in the chocolaty heat rising from his cup.
His relaxation was interrupted as Patrick sat awfully close to him on the small couch. Todd felt himself tense and tighten his grip on his mug.

“Do you need a towel or something?” Patrick spoke from behind his mug. “You can take off that coat if you’d like.”

“No, I’m ok.” Todd muttered shortly, eyes focused on his increasingly soggy marshmallows.

The silence grew between them, but to his surprise, the tension did not. The hot chocolate was making Todd sleepy and he cursed himself for getting so comfortable on the strangers’ sofa. The man beside him had done little else than sip on his hot beverage and settle more deeply into the couch. He was quite attractive. His dark brown, shoulder-length hair appeared almost black and was tossed over his forehead in a very appealing way. A pair of soft, full pink lips that were still damp due to the beverage highlighted his face; his nose was straight and perfect. The strong lines of his chest could be seen through his button down shirt, his tie hung limp across the cotton of his shirt.

The man’s breathing grew slow and even, his almost empty mug was held in a weak grip by two slim hands and Todd felt an easy smile grow on his face. Was this how it felt to have a friend? If so, then Todd was enjoying it.

Todd sighed contentedly as he sipped his hot chocolate, watching the rain pelt wildly against the glass of the windows. The man beside him was sound asleep and now empty-handed since Todd had taken his mug away. He didn’t think the man would appreciate hot chocolate in his lap.
After finishing his own cup, he made his way into the kitchen to deposit the cups in the sink, noting how the theme of randomness was also present in the kitchen. The multicolored plates, cups, hand towels, pots and pans were all completely different and Todd loved the simplicity of it all. His attention was soon captured by the faint glow from the bedroom; light blue and slightly pulsing.

The bedroom held a bed, a rather large computer screen and equally large computer tower. The screen was black but the pulsing power button sent a wash of blue over the dark room. He lightly tapped the mouse and closed his eyes as the screen lit up brightly and displayed what appeared to be a graphic program of some sort. His curious eyes found all the things he did not like about the design on the screen and his brow creased when he realized it was none of his business whether he liked it or not.

The light in the room was suddenly flipped on and Todd turned in horror at having been found snooping in the man’s bedroom.

“Well? What do you think?” The man sauntered over to the chair and sat, his green eyes turning up to look at him.

“I…um…I…” Todd stuttered, still in shock at having been found. His eyes flicked back and forth from the monitor to the man’s eyes. Shit. He felt increasingly stupid and awkward.
“Is something wrong, Todd?”

“No! I just….I think I should go now. I’m sure I’m already in trouble.” Todd said in a rush, already moving toward the door. “Goodnight, sir!”

“Hey! Wait!” The Patrick wailed, jumping from the chair to grab his wrist, “Just hold on. What’s wrong?”

Todd’s panic grew as the man grabbed his wrist in a firm grip and stopped him from leaving the room. He tried to calm himself and give Patrick some kind of answer but his breath was coming in too quickly. He was hyperventilating.

“Shit, Todd. Are you ok, man?”

Todd felt the hand leave his wrist and then a pair of warm arms as they wrapped around his waist and pulled his body to the floor. Patrick pushed him back until he was leaning against the wall of the bedroom and then completely removed his hands from Todd’s body – backing up with his hands in the air.

“Breath, Todd. Just breathe. Look – I’m not touching you anymore. Ok?” Patrick assured him, his eyes wide with worry and fear.

“I need…I…just…”

“Todd, I apologize. I had no idea you didn’t like to be touched.”

He felt his face burn with embarrassment and exertion, pulling in deep, hurried breaths. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. Patrick had probably thought he was used to being touched – manhandled even – but he wasn’t. He blushed harder with shame and disappointment. He wasn’t even a good prostitute; always freaking out when someone laid a hand on him. He still wasn’t sure why people even asked for him. He was no good to anyone.

“Todd, are you alright?”

Todd took another deep breath and realized…the apartment still smelled like hot chocolate.
And Patrick was still waiting to see if he was alright. He sat patiently in front of him, his hands settled on his knees that were tucked underneath him. Subtle emotions flickered over Patrick’s face as he sat there, his fingers gripping the fabric of his slacks.

He needed to leave.

“I’m f-fine.” He stuttered, lifting himself from the wall to stand on his own.
Patrick got up as well, backing up to give the man adequate room to move around in.
“You sure you’re fine?”

“Yes. I’m sorry I did that, I…I’m not -”

“– Todd it’s alright, think nothing of it.”

“I don’t like to be touched.” Todd said truthfully.

“You don’t need to explain – I’ll be more careful.” Todd was surprised by his reaction.
“But…aren’t you going to ask me why I don’t like to be touch? I’m a prostitute, for fucks sake!?” Todd cried, perplexed and slightly flustered.

Patrick’s cheeks suddenly turned pink.“Look, Todd. I know what you do for a living, and that’s none of my business. I don’t judge people and you seem like a pretty decent guy. I’m not sure why you would do what you do if you don’t like to be touched, but it’s your body, do what you will with it…”


“…And who the hell did that to you?” Todd saw how Patrick’s eyes lingered on his throat. He’d forgotten the bruises were even there. He fingered the marks lightly and then pushed down past the collar of his shirt; they went further down.

“I haven’t been doing it very long. My clients – they get mad sometimes, but they always ask for me again. I think they like to see me hurt.” He gave a sad laugh as he dropped his hands to the backs of his thighs and caressed the bruises he knew Patrick couldn’t see.

“Then why do you keep doing it?”

“I need the money. I didn’t graduate from high school and it’s not like I have any other talents.”

They sat together in silence, neither looking at the other. So much for friendship, Todd thought. He actually liked the guy and now he probably felt pity for him. He really did need to leave.

Todd rose and gave Patrick a pathetic smile and made his way through the bedroom door. He passed the kitchen with its sink full of dishes and plastic containers in a messy stack. The box of hot chocolate mix was still on the counter, along with two small plates and a cake. He needed to leave – he felt too comfortable here.

Never had a door felt as large and imposing as Patrick’s apartment door. Just the thought of leaving and not saying anything was agony, but he had already told the man too much.
He felt a tug on the cuff of his jacket, “Todd.”

“Good night, Patrick. Thank you for the drink.” He said firmly, pulled himself away from the grasp and moving further down the hallway.

“Todd, wait! Come….come work for me!”

“I’m sorry?” Todd said with his back still turned to the man.

“I need a…an assistant. Come work for me?”

Todd turned and found a wide-eyed man with his arms still extended towards him. They hadn’t even had sex and this guy was clingy…and he liked that about Patrick. He really didn’t need this right now – to find someone he liked and not being able to do anything about it. He wasn’t even sure Patrick was gay.

Todd shook his head in frustration at the situation.

“That’s kind of you, but I really need to leave.” Todd insisted.

“I would really like it if you came to work for me,” he implored.
“What would I do?! I have no skills, aside from one.”

Patrick blushed but carried on with his offer of employment.

“I’ll train you myself. Please Todd, just say yes already.”
“Why are you doing this?”

“You’ll make a good assistant.”

“That’s not the only reason. Why are you really doing this - offering me a job when you know nothing about me?”

When no answer came, Todd gave the man a miserable look and continued down the hallway. The silence of the hallway was heavy and unbearable but he continued toward the stairwell.

“I’m a sucker for people in trouble. I just can’t not help someone – call it my character flaw.” Patrick said in a pathetic voice from the other end of the hallway. “I realize I just met you and I don’t know much about you, but that’s ok. I can tell you’re an ok guy who’s had it rough. I won’t ask you again, but here is my office address and phone number. I’m hoping you’ll come to my work tomorrow. Say around 9 o’clock?” Patrick held out his business card to him with a shaky hand.


“If I don’t see you again then…well…I’m glad to have met you Todd.” Patrick said with a heartrending smile on his face; a blush still present on his high cheekbones.

Todd wanted to do several things at once after Patrick’s speech. One would have been to run back to him and gladly accept his offer of employment; another would have been to just kiss him and get it over with – gay or not. He could have asked Patrick a dozen more questions and he may have gotten some answers, but…he didn’t do any of these things.

Todd simply walked forward and took the offered card, turned and walked away.

It was still raining when he left.


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Eadwineeadwine63 on December 11th, 2008 11:44 am (UTC)
I really like this
Eadwineeadwine63 on December 11th, 2008 11:50 am (UTC)
okay, something went wrong here...
I was saying:
I really like your story. I insist on you writing more of it!!!!
the settings are good, with details, and I like details (but not the overflowing kind.)
Maybe it's moving a bit fast, with Todd already realising he's in love, but I can understand it if that's simply his character.
I also like Patrick. he's a shy but forward type of guy (does that make any sense??) and it totally fits his job. He himself is as random as his surroundings.
Todd is even more the shy guy, but very curious. He has more courage when no one is looking... (sneaky guy, isn't he?)
well, I hope that I got it right. and that this encourages you!

Ruyu: Teslaruyu on December 11th, 2008 02:23 pm (UTC)
*is happy* Thanks for reading!

Yes! You definitely got it right! Patrick is based off my own personality and I'm having fun writing him. Todd is just...well...Todd for right now. Lol.

I agree that it is moving a bit fast - I'm tryin my best to slow things down a bit in the next chapter. Thank you for your kind review and criticism, I really appreciate it!