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23 February 2009 @ 11:16 pm
Bleach Drabbles  
I've finally done some proper drabbles - well, proper in the sense that they are 100 words. Yay me.

Ulquiorra (PG)
Nnoitra/Tesla (PG-13)
Kisuke/Ichigo (PG/PG-13)
Byakua/Renji (PG)

Character: Ulquiorra
WC: 100

He felt the small tingle of emotion – just brushing against the edge of his awareness. Would it be so difficult to grasp, to experience that strange rush of emotion? The look on some of his fellow espada’s faces made the decision an easy one, but some of the other’s expressions made him rethink his choice. Panic, fear, pain, guilt, smugness and contempt were easily recognizable, but the almost hidden looks of lust, pleasure, happiness, genuine satisfaction and delight had an unwanted effect on his own ideas of those emotions. For the briefest of moments, Ulquiorra’s lips curled into a smile.

Character(s): Urahara/ Ichigo
WC: 100

The dust of the Urahara Shoten drifted as Kisuke dragged another box of generic paper fans into the main aisle of the shop. The nape of his neck was slightly damp with sweat and he raised his hand to tug his hat off and run his fingers through his wild hair. A cool stream of air was blown onto the back of his neck and Kisuke turned quickly to find Ichigo leaning over one of the aisles.

“You look hot, Kisuke.” Ichigo said with a suggestive smile. “Let me help cool you off.”

Dust swirled as the two men embraced.

Character(s): Nnoitra/Tesla
WC: 100

“Why are you always in the fucking way?!” The espada growled against his neck – the man’s long spindly fingers gripped the black material of his gloves and twisted his wrist into a painful arrangement. “As if I would ever need your help.”

Tesla let an unwanted moan slip past his lips as Nnoitra forced him further into the white wall of his room. The bony crests of his hips met the solid wall and he pushed back into the heat of the espada’s thin body.

“Why do you offer when you know I’ll refuse?” Nnoitra’s hands tightened around his own.

Character(s): Renji, Byakuya
WC: 100

Renji felt his heart clench as the hollow’s claw tore through his uniform and continued towards his ribs. All the air left his body and his muscles stiffened in preparation for the damage that was about to be inflicted – but none came. He looked beside him as the large hollow disintegrated before his eyes, familiar pink petals fluttering around its body.

“Taicho?” Renji said, still shaken.

The body of petals slowly vanished and revealed his taicho walking toward him, “I do not wish to see you bleed, Renji – be more mindful in the future.”

Their eyes met in silent understanding.

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Food For Thoughtthi_hoai on February 24th, 2009 02:25 pm (UTC)
1) Thoughtful
2) Sexy
3) Funny/hot
4) Kawaii

My thoughts of your drabbles, respectively.