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25 March 2009 @ 08:20 am

I have now been advised. The appointment was at 7:30 (ugh) and I don't have class until 9, soooo...I'll tell you what I'll probably be taking in the Fall.

Graphic Design I
Graphic Design II (Publication)
Continuing Art History (Contemporary)
Conceptual Drawing I
and possibly Printmaking and Lithograph (yay)

AND NO PAINTING! My minor is painting and I need 5 painting credit, but I found out that my color theory class counted for one of those credits! HUZAAH! So I only need one more, which I can take next spring!

If that Printmaking class doesn't work then I'm hoping to take Web Design. But that would quite a heavy load: two graphic design classes AND web design. ~~~I think I could do it.

I'm excited. I didn't have any graphic design class this semester and I felt all...unproductive.

Maybe by the Fall I'll have my new laptop and design programs. *crosses fingers*
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