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23 May 2009 @ 08:30 pm
Fic: The Grab Parts II & III  

Title: The Grab II & III
Author: Ruyu
Pairing: Ichigo/Grimmjow
Rating: M
Warnings: yaoi
Disclaimer: Tite Kubo owns all. I make no money.
Beta: [info]axaroffle (for part II only, part III remains unbeta'd at this point)
A/N: This is a continuation of a fic I wrote for[info]fishingforboots "I Dare You"-The Unofficial Grimmjow X Ichigo PR Week!
I hope that sometime in the near future I can rewrite the first part of this (you'll notice how awful it is).

Part One can be found HERE.


Part II

What does it mean when you get that hot feeling in your chest or that blooming ache right behind your ribs? How does your body know who to react this way to and why does it heat up your whole body in the process?

The answers were simple.

It meant that your body was so attuned to his body that it practically moved without your consent. The moment you laid your treacherous eyes upon him it was already too late. Your body had already been set into action.

It meant complete, total and unstoppable attraction, and you could do nothing to stop it.


The houses flew by underneath him completely unnoticed and unimportant. The most important thing right now was reaching Ichigo Kurosaki’s house. The home of the man he had just fooled around with in a narrow alley almost 2 miles away. The scent of sap and brick dust still clung to his clothes and the taste of blood and Ichigo’s mouth lingered on his tongue. The air felt good against his hot, naked chest and he felt the trail of dry blood begin to crack and flake off of his bare back as he sprinted across the rooftops.

Kurosaki was ahead of him his dark shape jumping smoothly through the air. Grimmjow's chest tightened in way that had nothing to do with panic or fear, but instead excited anticipation. He sensed that Ichigo was excited as well. His lithe body was moving incredibly fast, even faster than before when Grimmjow had chased him. He was barely keeping up with him, but the promise of what was at the end of their journey encouraged him to push himself faster.

The espada quickened his pace yet again and caught up with the shinigami.

"Are we almost there?" Grimmjow inquired.

"Yeah. Another half a mile and we'll be there."



Ichigo had taken this route many times, but this trip was different from all the others he had made. His groin repeatedly reminded him just what was following him and Ichigo had successfully resisted the urge to glance back every two seconds to ensure the Espada was still pursuing him.

Ichigo's attention was quickly drawn to the night sky. Unexpected flashes of light silently highlighted the landscape before vanishing as abruptly as they came. The flickering of lights changed the colors of the houses and exposed the swiftly gathering clouds over their heads. The thunder finally groaned its way across the town, rolling like thick boulders through the night air. Ichigo felt the first few warning drops of rain falling lightly on his cheeks and lower lip. The water tasted cool and fresh and Ichigo was suddenly glad it was raining.

He wondered if rained in Hueco Mundo…

He felt the flux of the espada's reiatsu behind him, shifting from lust to anticipation and then to uncontained excitement. Ichigo couldn't help but smile at the man's enthusiasm to get to his house and into his bed. He felt his own excitement grow at the thought of what awaited them. A few hundred feet from his house, Ichigo dropped to the street and waited for Grimmjow to join him.


Ichigo suddenly stopped. Were they there? Was this his home?

But Ichigo was not walking toward any of the houses around him. He just stood there as Grimmjow approached, his chest rising and falling rapidly from the run.

Then he felt…

Something was cold and wet against his cheek. Grimmjow turned his face upward in confusion as more of the liquid fell against his face, beading randomly on his ruffled blue locks. The compact droplets broke against the skin of his shoulder and rolled down his arm, leaving shiny paths in their wake. More droplets fell against him, covering his torso in a fine layer of water.

“It’s just rain.”

Grimmjow looked at Ichigo in confusion for a moment and then returned his gaze to the sky above.

“Rain?” Grimmjow had felt it before…somewhere.

“Yes, rain. Now come on before it gets worse.” Ichigo urged as he turned and began walking down the sidewalk. The rain began to fall faster and Grimmjow look down to see his pants grow dark with moisture, sliding further down his hips. He looked up to see the shinigami waiting on the side of building, pointing with a thin arm to one of the second story windows. That was all he could make out before a wall of rain obscured his vision. A chill broke out over his body as he moved through the downpour, in the direction he hoped Ichigo had been in.

As he ran, he realized how idiotic he might look. Grimmjow, chasing a man through this…rain, chasing something he wasn’t going to maim or kill. The idea seemed almost ridiculous, but as he grew closer the light of the open window, seeing Kurosaki’s silhouette, maybe it wasn’t so ridiculous after all.

It wasn’t too far of a jump to make to the second story window. He climbed slowly through the shinigami’s bedroom opening and sat on the ledge to take note of the boy’s quarters. The small area contained a simple bed, a desk, and few smaller items of furniture – all in all, a sparse and very clean room.

Grimmjow felt the water begin to chill his body and he gave small shiver from his perch on the sill.

He almost toppled out of the window as something soft was thrown at his face. He snarled and ripped the thing from his head.

“Calm down.”

Grimmjow looked up in surprise at Ichigo’s voice. The boy was clad only in his boxers and was slowly rubbing a piece of cloth across his damp orange hair. His damp skin shone dimly in the light from the lamp that was found atop the boy’s desk.

“It’s just a towel. You need to get dry.” Ichigo commented with a smirk. Grimmjow pulled his eyes away from the boy and looked again at the cloth, then at his ruined clothes. He was quite cold and he could almost see his skin through the white material of his uniform. His feet made soft contact with the floor and he proceeded further into the room with uncertainty.

“Here, let me help.” Ichigo offered as he wrapped his own towel around his neck and walked forward. Ichigo took the towel from him and threw it on top of his head.

He could feel Ichigo’s fingertips through the material, pressing gently into his head with soothing motions. Cool fingers touched his forehead and slipped underneath the towel to push it down to his neck and pulled the cloth from around his shoulder. Grimmjow watched as the shinigami held the white cloth between his hands and dabbed at this chest, feeling his muscles twitch as the boy’s thin fingers grazed across his nipples.

Ichigo’s hair had begun to dry and regress to its usual state of disarray. It brushed against his jaw as the shinigami moved closer to his body to reach around and dry his back. Grimmjow sighed and leaned forward to rest his bare cheek on the boy’s temple, smelling Ichigo’s hair. He smelt sweet like clean water over a wound.

As he continued to inhale the boy’s enticing scent he didn’t realize how slow the towel began to move over his back, or how one of Ichigo’s hands had come to rest on hip. He did notice, however, the small kiss that was placed on his neck. The next kiss was more of nip to the underside of his jaw and the next was placed along his throat. He tilted his head back as Ichigo continued to mouth his way down his throat and over his collarbone, softly tonguing the hollow of his throat.

He felt himself release a low groan as Ichigo breathed heavily across his chest and pushed his hands down the sides of his waist. Ichigo thumbs caught the edges of his pant and he tugged them off as his hands descended down Grimmjow’s body. He gave another involuntary shiver as his wet skin was exposed to Ichigo’s hands and the cool air of the room.

Grimmjow looked back down to step out of his wet clothes and took another small step back that brought him to the open window. The misting water from the opening collected on his shoulders. It was a strange sensation: the hotness of Ichigo’s tongue as it ran up his stomach and coolness of the rain. He felt the back of his thighs tighten as the boys teeth closed over his nipple and pull gently against the hard nub.

Ichigo’s brown eyes emerged from the shadow of his body, their warm color melting all of Grimmjow’s worries. Ichigo’s face inched closer to his own. Grimmjow felt his arousal throb as soft, gentle lips met his and a wet tongue was slowly pushed into his mouth, tasting less like blood and more like Ichigo. He cupped Ichigo’s jaw as they plundered each other’s mouths, hearing only the patter of rain and the howling of the wind outside.

He forced the boy’s mouth open, probably wider than it ought to be, and sucked hard on the boy’s tongue and teeth, pulling the air right out of his body and into his own. Ichigo’s whines and cries fell down his throat and rattled his chest.

When Ichigo finally touched him he pulled away from their kiss with a heated gasp, one hand falling from the boy’s face to grip his shoulder. Ichigo simply watched as Grimmjow squirmed with pleasure and groaned as he pumped his cock with precise strokes.

“Grimmjow…” Ichigo whispered seductively as he moved to suck on the dip behind Grimmjow’s ear.

Upon hearing his name Grimmjow took a deep breath and finally tugged Ichigo’s boxers down his slim hips and grasped the boys leaking erection, collecting the pre-come from the head and spreading it down the column of flesh. It didn’t take much to make Ichigo moan and bite his lip in satisfaction. He squeezed tighter and heard Ichigo give a strangled cry before the man pulled completely away from him. Ichigo’s chest rose and fell in rapid motions.

“Come here…lay down,” Ichigo panted as he moved toward his bed. He reached down to slip his boxers completely off before sitting on the edge of the bed, arms reaching toward Grimmjow.

Grimmjow took a deep, relaxing breath before joining him. He settled to the left of him, their thighs touching and quickly heating up. Ichigo’s soft fingers turned his face and brought their mouths together once again. The boy took less time in moving his hands over his body, excitedly exploring the flesh of his thighs and chest. Ichigo broke away from the kiss with a gasp, shifting further onto the bed and forcefully dragging Grimmjow into his lap, his hands gripping the firm muscles of his ass in the process.

Ichigo breathed against his mouth. “What do you want, Grimmjow?”

Grimmjow felt his back arch as he was petted and caressed by Ichigo. His face burned in embarrassment at his own actions. His deep breathing almost sounded like purring and he had an odd ache in the back of his neck that he feared meant that he wanted to be petted. His damp, subdued body shook as he answered, “I want whatever you want.”

“Can I…” Ichigo asked breathily as his fingers wandered around Grimmjow’s hip. His hands separated, one heading for Grimmjow’s cock and the other wandering down the crease of Grimmjow’s ass to  lightly touch his entrance.

“Whatever you want, Ichigo,” Grimmjow repeated, “You can have anything you want.”

He meant it too. Even before their encounter in that alleyway, Grimmjow wanted nothing more than to make Ichigo understand just how important he was to him.

Ichigo’s fingers rubbed against his lips and slipped inside to twist and explore his mouth and tongue. The shinigami’s dripping fingers left his mouth and returned to his entrance to prepare him.

Ichigo was so confident and gentle that it surprised him. The boy’s free hand kneaded his lower back, occasionally trailing his fingertips up and down his spine, carefully avoiding his earlier wound. Grimmjow stroked himself as he was fingered and petted. It also didn’t help that Ichigo was kissing him like a dying man. He sucked, bit and tongued Grimmjow’s lips while dipping his tongue teasingly in and out of his mouth. The pace of his kisses was almost lazy, but amazing heated. Grimmjow’s shoulders shook.

It didn’t make sense why he felt this way about Ichigo, no sense at all. At some point in time –god knows when- something had changed between them. Or perhaps it was just himself that had changed. After all the long years of slaughter and battles, each lasting what seemed like a brief moment, things started to blur. Short, bloody massacres made him forget just what and whom he was killing. But low and behold: he had found an enemy that didn’t die on the first try. He lived. Suddenly Grimmjow wanted more…much more.


Part III (unbeta'd, will be replaced with beta'd version soon) 

 Ichigo POV

The weight of the man in Ichigo’s lap felt glorious. Grimmjow’s barely constrained quivers and labored breathing made the young shinigami dig his fingertips into the man’s backside with uncontrolled lust and desire. Though Grimmjow seemed to be enjoying himself, Ichigo wasn’t quite sure what he was doing. He was only sure that he was harder than he had even been in his life. Grimmjow made the most erotic sounds Ichigo had ever heard and he hoped the sounds wouldn’t stop anytime soon.
Ichigo felt the teal-haired man begin to bounce against his fingers and Ichigo choked on his own groan of approval.

“Is this what you want, Ichigo?” Grimmjow murmured through his haze of pleasure.

“God yes!” Ichigo moaned. Ichigo removed his fingers and encouraged Grimmjow to lie down on the bed. He watched as the man settled against the pillow, his arms reaching for Ichigo, knees already spreading to accommodate Ichigo’s hips. Ichigo helped maneuver the man’s legs into a comfortable position, his hands slid smoothly over Grimmjow’s damp inner thighs.

Ichigo wasted no time in lining himself up, preparing to enter the man. He wrapped an arm under one of Grimmjow’s legs and his other arm supported his weight as he kissed Grimmjow deeply.

He entered in one smooth thrust.

Grimmjow’s lower lip quivered and his eyes were clamped shut as he adjusted to Ichigo. The blue haired man’s hands were plastered firmly against his upper back, silently asking Ichigo to remain still, which Ichigo just barely managed to do.

The moment felt surreal. Like nothing else existed except the two of them and perhaps the rain. The downpour outside his open window dampened the sound of their breathing, but Ichigo could still feel their pulsing hearts; their chest pressed tightly against one another. Nothing had ever felt so good.

Then Grimmjow moved. The man’s thighs tightened around his hips and pulled him unbearably deeper into him. Ichigo groaned at the pressure and the heat. Then he was released and plulled back again. 
Once Ichigo had the sense the move on his own he sat up and held the blue haired man’s hips firmly and thrust. Grimmjow grunted at Ichigo’s pace, his hands flailed wildly for a moment before latching onto Ichigo’s thighs and sinking his nails into the man’s flesh. Ichigo welcomed the pain and increased the force of his movement.

“Ichi…go…please…” Grimmjow said in broken syllables, tossing his head back to expose his tense neck. “God…just…fast…er…”Ichigo couldn’t seem to hold himself back and upped his pace again; their flesh grew slick and the wind from the storm cooled their bodies. Ichigo felt lost to his pleasure, lost to Grimmjow’s body, lost to the rain.

The bed bounced heavily against the wall from their activity, but Grimmjow seemed to welcome the almost harsh pace. The man’s cock was stiff and wet against his abdomen but he never once reached for it or asked Ichigo to touch him. Maybe he was too far gone to consider giving himself pleasure when Ichigo was doing a perfectly fine job of it himself.

Ichigo felt the end coming - the point of no return. The edge loomed just over the stormy horizon, the horizon where he and Grimmjow fought in the gale; zanpaktou clashing, meeting with the lightening, the electricity and motion building and building to point where they longer rebounded from each other, but instead were pulled even closer together. It seemed pointless to turn away from Grimmjow when they were both headed for the same prospect, the same location that ended with wet heat and tired muscles.

The motion, the heat, the smell of Grimmjow’s sex, his voice, all compressed crashing, wrapping around his body, pulling him to tightly over that horizon…tumbling…

God. Ichigo was coming and he clung tightly to the man beneath him, pushing himself as far he could go because Grimmjow was right there with him, untouched in his pleasure. His release was long and mind-blowing. The air was cool and their bodies were hot and Ichigo could almost feel the steam rising from their joined flesh. Ichigo witnessed Grimmjow arch his back in a feline manner as he pushed himself against Ichigo’s cock, pulling him deeper, so deep that Ichigo considered coming again inside the man’s body.

Soon, all that could be heard was the rain and their heartbeats pumping sex-heated blood through their veins.

The rhythm of their hearts slowed and muscles ached and Ichigo felt the sin of their actions sink to the back of his throat; it was easily swallowed.

Ichigo slipped to Grimmjow’s side and tossed a lazy hand across the man’s chest, stroking the damp, hairless skin as it dried. He pointedly avoided the man’s hollow hole. Ichigo watched as the man's eyelids fell softy over his blue eyes which turned to look at him.

“You ain’ gotta say nothin’.” Grimmjow whispered to him as he lifted his hand to join Ichigo’s. Their fingers intertwined and Ichigo was silent.

The rain had grown equally quiet as though it had only been there to watch the two men, leaving only when their bodies were sated.



Grimmjow suppressed a shiver as Ichigo traced the planes of his chest and he felt the man’s eyes on his face, even though his own eyes were closed. He opened them slowly and finally looked at the Ichigo and Grimmjow was surprised at what he saw in those ochre eyes – happiness. Not regret or embarrassment, but simply happiness.

“You ain’ gotta say nothin’.” He whispered to Ichigo. He wanted to touch some part of the man so he reached for Ichigo’s hand on his chest and twined their fingers together. He saw Ichigo’s eyes shine with pleasure as he rubbed his thumb over the soft flesh of Ichigo’s hand.

“I know…but…you were…” Ichigo said as he wiggled closer to Grimmjow’s body, “You were amazing.”

Grimmjow actually blushed and Ichigo laughed softly before kissing his bicep, “Don’t be embarrassed.”

“I’m not.” And he wasn’t…he was happy.

Then he felt it – the decision the pressed upon his shoulders. He tensed at his realization and he felt Ichigo frown at him, “What’s wrong, Grimmjow?”

He knew what he wanted, knew what he needed. He was done with his life of battle and split second bloodshed. He had found his balance in life, his opponent that pushed back, pushed him in the right direction. Ichigo was what he wanted. But did Ichigo want him?

“How do you feel about me, Ichigo?”



freyalilith on May 24th, 2009 04:07 am (UTC)
PLEASE dont leave us hanging too long... PLEASE.... I'm dying for the next part.... *squeels with glee*

So freakin amazing!!!!!!!
Ruyuruyu on May 24th, 2009 04:35 pm (UTC)
I'll try to get it out as soon as possible. I'm glad you liked it!
Tajita Sniper Krushrenadatajita_chan on May 24th, 2009 04:39 am (UTC)
Oh, wow. This is fabulous. :) Hope to see more soon!
Ruyuruyu on May 24th, 2009 04:35 pm (UTC)
^^ Thank you.
Babyluw: pic#grimmybabyluw on May 24th, 2009 01:06 pm (UTC)
this is like, acing. you're making Grimmys feelings so clear without spilling it all out in one go... the whole thing is wonderfull <3
thank you, I'll be waiting for the next part ^^
Ruyuruyu on May 24th, 2009 04:37 pm (UTC)
Aww, thanks hun. This fic is very experimental because it started out as only the second or so fic that I'd ever written. I hope it turns out alright. Thanks for reading, I'm glad you liked it. ^^
Tommydark_eyed_brat on May 24th, 2009 03:35 pm (UTC)
This is extremely well done, I love Grimmjow's reaction to the rain, that was my favorite part. I am also happy to see how confident your Ichigo is and hardly ever get to see IchiGrimm situation, very nice.
Ruyuruyu on May 24th, 2009 04:48 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
I find it odd that I write Ichigo/Grimm, when I prefer to read GrimmIchi and that Ichigo be uke in many other pairings that I also read. Strange...

My beta almost made me get rid of Grimm's reaction to rain part because she was unsure about the whole canon issue: Has Grimm even been in the rain, or has it ever rained while he's in Karakura Town? Bleh. In my Bleach universe he hasn't seen rain while he's been a hollow.

Thank you for your comment! I'll try to get the next part out as quickly as possible. ^^
queen_celestiaqueen_celestia on May 29th, 2009 07:23 am (UTC)
Ohhh hot and cute with the somewhat rare Grimm Uke! thrown in.... please continue soon! :D
PIMP JUICEspikykun on June 2nd, 2009 09:35 pm (UTC)
Why the fuck did it take me so long to get to this?
Dude, I loved it. The sex was so fucking hot, and they were consistent and true to the characters you've presented in the fic, and I loved even the cuddling afterwards (which I don't normally go for).

Gimme more! D:
Ruyuruyu on June 3rd, 2009 12:11 am (UTC)
*blush* Wow! Thank you!
I adore cuddling and since I made Grimm the uke, I figured it was the least I could do for him. *wink*

More is on the way! ^__^

Edited at 2009-06-03 12:12 am (UTC)