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04 June 2009 @ 02:36 am
RR Rant.RWARR! Seven Pounds of WTFery.  
I was coerced into watching Seven Pounds by my older pharmacist buddy and dear god, I hate him right about now. I cried my eyes out and I'm sure I've completely gotten rid of my sinus congestion. I'd heard things about the movie, spoilers and all that. I pretty much new how the movie ended and that was one reason I refused to watch it in the first place.

Oh why, oh why did I let him convince me to watching it? My fucking face hurts now. Thanks, dumbass.

(spoilers ahead)

It killed me to watch the main character...do the things he did: talk to people, find out if they were good people, plan for after his death. The way the film was shot told you that he had nothing to live for without the main character actually having to explain it to the viewers. If it wasn't so fucking sad, I'd have thought it was a good movie. I just don't to cry. It does not bring me any...relief to have cried my eyes out. I don't do the whole once a week female cry-fest thing that I hear so much about.

The only thing I had a problem (besides the crying part) was how he died. A box jellyfish? Oh for gods sake! At least it's an original way to kill yourself. I'm not making fun of suicide (trust me on this),  I just though it was a little corny and well...predictable. We all know what he's planning, but the actual scene was anti-climatic in some ways. Sure it was a struggle and had some great plot embedded meaning behind it, but....it felt stupid in comparison to the rest of the movie.

Everything else was ok. 

*yawn* I need sleep now.

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