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15 November 2009 @ 03:04 pm
Magic Mouse by Apple  
Apple just released their new Magic Mouse. I'll admit that it looks pretty cool and the features mimic that of the new itouch technology. Downfall (for me at least)? It's cost is $70... for a mouse. Ouch. I'm doing perfectly fine with my Logitech mouse that cost like $12 bucks. I'm sure someone in my Graphic Design class will have one soon and I can test it before I even consider getting it. $70 dollars? Really. I give it a year and it'll be half that.

Here's the video by apple if you want to investigate.


If you've never used a MAC, some of the technology can be pretty awe inspiring - but not so new to us MAC users. (no offense PC's, I used to be one myself).

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