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29 April 2010 @ 11:04 pm
My Thoughts on multi-fandom's and LJ  
Fandom's and Slashes I had no clue about:
gleeslash Not to big a surprise after seeing winteraconite's Glee-cons. ^^
duneslash inactive, but still cool
rarelitslash The mother-load of rareslash on LJ
Linkin Park Slash (LPSlash)

Crazy, hu? When I first start reading slash there was practically a bubble that I stayed in and it never occurred to me that you could slash other pairings - I had no clue. But even now, after that bubble has long been popped, I'm still discovering new things. I'll watch a movie or read a book and once finished I go back and look for possible pairings I'd enjoy. I find fandoms all the time for movies I've watched a long time ago and I'm like, "HOLY SHIT, why didn't I think of that pairing - that's AWESOME!" Needless to say, there is slash potential everywhere, in everything, every media.

Each time I typed in a possible fandom name + the word "slash", I was amused to see a livejournal community pop up as the first result of the search (second being fanfiction.net or a domain name). I'm super pleased and grateful that livejournal is the gathering place of slashers and authors of slash. Forum's just aren't my thing and I've never felt a sense of 'community' on ff.net, you know? On LJ, a person can mix personal thoughts and fandom(community) thoughts in the same place. We meet through fandom and stick around because I think you're a cool person and I like to read your personal journal. Livejournal is like a private club where only the people who know what it's about or were invited go to. Communities say, "Hey, we like this stuff. If you like it, join us." I feel less lonely when I come across things like that, people like me.
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