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29 May 2010 @ 11:55 pm
Lost and Found: Fic  
I really should clean out my files more. I keep finding really cool stuff. I found this small fic, I think it was from a promp that visualcomplexe posted a few months back. I'd forgotten about it entirely.

"Come and take my hand and I'll lead you somewhere secret," Thomas whispered. His fingers were warm as they wrapped around Zane's and tugged to lead him away from the coffee shop they'd met at.

"Somewhere secret?" Zane teased. He really didn't think there were many places that were secret anymore, with it being a small town and all.

Thomas gripped his hand tighter and smiled, "Yeah. It'll be our little secret, ok?"

Thomas lead him across the main road and into the woods that surrounded the town. The tall, creeping oaks and the dogwoods filtered the sunlight and cooled the air as they trudged through the underbrush. Zane looked behind them as the town became hidden from view, the trees seeming to tangle behind them and block their sights. He wasn't worried though. Thomas and him had grown up in these wood, back when their knees were perpetually bloody and their palms were scratched and brown with dirt.

He suddenly felt 10 years old again and then, just like now, he wished Thomas would finally realize how he felt about him. He wondered if he would ever find the tree that he carved I love Tom into, but he imagined it would be too worn away to read by now.

A flurry of leaves fell around them as they continued to walk. They landed softly in Thomas's hair and Zane reached up and carded his hand through his hair to removed them.

Thomas just turned and smiled at him, reaching up to smooth his hair back down. "Thanks."

Zane could hear the soft trickle of the brook now, it's light babbling whispering through the woods like a message, just for them and the trees.

They came upon it and he saw Thomas smile as thought he expected it wouldn't be there. "Hop across, Zane."

The brook was only a few feet across and scattered with rocks at that particular crossing. On the other side, Thomas helped Zane track across the few remaining rock before wrapping an arm around his waste to heave him up the slope that lead up to the continuing forest.

"We there yet?" Zane asked, pulling his arm away from Thomas, expecting the other man to let go of him. When he didn't he grinned to himself and carefully put his arm back around his friend.

"Close," Thomas whispered into his ear, making him jerk at the closeness of the voice.

They wandered almost aimlessly for a short while before Zane found himself being stopped, the arm around his waist tightening and halting his movement. "We're here."

Thomas dropped his arm from his hip and smiled as he grabbed Zane's hand to twirl him around like a dancer. Zane laughed in delight as they danced for no particular reason, the leaves continuing to flutter around them, broken sunlight lighting the forest floor.

"What's so special here?" He pointed out, pressing his hands against Thomas's chest as he was pulled unbearably close.

"You'll remember soon," Thomas said mysteriously, keeping Zane close as he backed them between two facing trees, pressing Zane against one of them.

"What?" Zane grew breathless and nervous as Thomas pressed them closer, their hips meeting, arms and legs tangling. Zane watched as his friend braced his hands on the tree behind him, taking time to run his fingers through his sandy blonde hair and cradle his head. Zane gave a heavy sigh.

"You remember when we played out here?" Thomas murmured.


"Did you write that?"

"Write what?"

Thomas's head turned and motioned to the tree that was behind him. It was an old maple tree with deep red leaves that stood out like a beacon in the forest. Just behind Thomas's back was a section of bark that was scarred. Zane held his breath as he read the carving, old and worn from time and weather.

I love Tom

"You write that?" The man asked breathlessly against his neck.

Zane curled his hand into his friends shirt, terrified. "Yeah. It was a long time ago."


"Now?" Zane cried incredulously. "I wrote that over 10 years ago. It doesn't mean..."

"You don't love me now?"

Zane felt eyes mist with old and new feelings, the ground seemed to be unsteady and he clung more closely to his friend's body. "I do, but...God, Tom it's not the same."

"The same?"

Well, damn. This was turning out to be more than Zane expected. Confessions. Childhood memories. Zane didn't want to lose his friend. He never wanted that.

"Tom, I've always loved you. But you've never...did you ever know how I felt?"

"No...I just found this and though of you, you know? Got me thinking all those times growing up, when you'd say the things you did. Like 'I'll never let you go, I'll love you forever', and you saying that you'd run away with me and love me. I didn't know."

Thomas rested his lips on Zane's forehead and Zane nearly sobbed.

"I know. I'd given up on you," Zane whimpered.

"Have you?"

"Have I what?"

"Give up on me?"

"Are you saying that I shouldn't give up?" Zane looked at Thomas with utter disbelief in his eyes.

"No. You really shouldn't..." Then Thomas was kissing, pressing his body achingly close to his own, finger returning to twist in hair. The wind began to blow and shuffle the leaves around them. Dark red maple leaves floated down and the air seemed to grow sweeter as they breathed together, in sync. "Love you, Zane."

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Babyluw: OP smilebabyluw on May 30th, 2010 12:01 pm (UTC)
Ah, I've missed your writing.

This was beutiful and, I don't think I've ever read anything original before. It was really nice.
Ruyuruyu on May 30th, 2010 03:45 pm (UTC)
It's hard for me to get into any kind of writing routine, I just get distracted easily.

I'm glad you thought it was beautiful, it was sort of dreamy, wasn't it? <3
Babyluw: pic#99602976babyluw on May 30th, 2010 09:31 pm (UTC)
I know what you mean, from time to time you just feel like doing something else ^^

Yes! It was! I was looking for another word, but I couldn't get my mind to find it. Dreamy fit's good. It really was like on of those scenes, like, if it was in a movie, the camera would move around them, and the leaves of the forest would fall through streams of sunlight.