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02 June 2010 @ 11:13 pm
This will never get old  
Just a little something, something.

Ocean's 11, 12, 13 (pick one ^^)

Danny can only imagine what they look like; two men wandering, but with purpose, a fixed gleam in their eyes that tells anyone who looks at them that they are trouble. Danny doesn’t really think their trouble-makers, but then Rusty cuts his eyes over to him and Danny rethinks that last though. Rusty is full of trouble.

The endless lights of Vegas shimmer in the reflection of Rusty’s mirrored sunglasses and the sweet smell of money wafts past them and ruffles their collars, wrinkled and flat after long hours in the poker dens. A dolled-up woman forcefully brushes against Rusty and Danny smiles at his friend as he grabs her and spins her around, releasing her on the other side, continuing as though they had never touched.

Rusty smiles that mysterious smile of his at Danny but doesn’t look back at the woman.

Flamingo Street meets with the main Strip and he tugs Rusty around and heads for the Bellagio. People are already gathering at the waters edge of the resort, checking their watches before the fountains erupt and dazzle the city. He spots an empty bench and continues to lead Rusty, tugging gently on his sleeve. Danny would like to think that Rusty trusts him, even when it’s as simple as being led through Vegas, but then Rusty could probably navigate The Strip with his eyes closed.

“You think this’ll ever get old?” Rusty asks as he pulls a fresh toothpick out to chew, dropping down on the bench Danny had led him to.

Danny looks around at the cameras emerging from bags and watches the anticipation grow on people’s faces. The air is cool and damp and bright with the lights from the water and the Bellagio. Rusty is sitting comfortably, looking at Danny with a content expression after having won at one of the bigger tables they’d snuck into. People start to murmur around them and then the fountains take flight, jetting up into the night sky like comets.

Danny know that this will never get old.

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